Keep The Air Fresh And Healthy With A Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan

A ventilation fan is a device used to exhaust indoor air through flexible tubes. A wall mounted bathroom fan is used to improve the quality of air in the bathroom by exhausting odors and moisture. Installation of ventilation fans is now a requirement in building codes during new constructions or when remodeling your bathroom.

Some buildings have windows on their bathrooms which might be used instead of ventilation fans. Anyway, who does not want to add a ventilation fan to their bathroom?


Benefits Of A Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan

Primarily, a wall mounted bathroom fan is used to remove odors and moisture from the bathroom. Besides, it is used to completely exhaust the warm humidity that is a result of using a hot shower. This warm moisture encourages the growth of molds which eventually damages the surfaces of your bathroom.

This will incur extra costs of cleaning and furnishing the bathroom. Have a bathroom ventilation fan installed in your bathroom that smells musty. Providing ventilation will ensure a healthy and safe shower.


How To Choose A Bathroom Ventilation Fan?

The fans vary in sizes, colors, and styles. Some fans contain light and heat lamps while others are modernized to incorporate wireless Bluetooth to play music from your phone when taking a bath. Besides that, sound ratings should be a consideration while choosing a bathroom fan.

A less than 1.0 sound rating is the best. Are you wondering why the sound rating is essential? There are instances where you need to relax in the bathtub, but due to the loud sound from the fan, you are distracted. Therefore look for a fan with fewer sound ratings.

wall mounted bathroom fan

It is essential to choose a wall mounted bathroom fan with an operating capacity sufficient for the room size. The CFM measures the capacity of the air volume that the unit moves. A ventilation fan with a higher capacity is the best. Besides that, choose a fan that is certified under the Home Ventilation Institute (HIV) which guarantees proper performance.



Install the wall mounted bathroom fan near the moisturized area like over the sink or the shower. Place the fan at the center of the bathroom if it is small. The exterior ventilation louver should operate correctly to ensure full closure of the fan when not in use.

This avoids the seeping of cold air back into the bathroom when the fan is not running. Also, insulate the hose or duct area to reduce the chances of losing indoor heat.

More so, the gap under the door of the bathroom should not be tightly closed. This helps to replace the air exhausted by the fan. Bathrooms with higher than 9 feet ceilings require ventilation fans with higher capacities.


How Do Bathroom Ventilation Fans Operate?

Wire the fan onto a 120- on the electric current. The fan is operated by the wall switch which might contain a timer to allow the wall mounted bathroom fan to run at a stipulated period. Turning the fan on draws the bathroom air into the hose or the duct which has a vent opening to the roof.


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