Things To Consider Before Installing Bathroom Ventilation Fan

installing bathroom ventilation fan

Installing Bathroom Ventilation Fan

If you’re thinking of installing bathroom ventilation fan then you happen to be just in the right place. If you want to remove bad odors and moisture in your home’s bathroom then you might want to strongly consider installing bathroom ventilation fan.

They play an essential role in the prevention of the growth of mildew and mold. Not only do they do that but by expelling the excess moisture in the air they also help prevent paint and wallpaper from peeling.

They also prevent windows and doors from getting warped as well. Below are a few things you need to consider before installing bathroom ventilation fan.


1. Determine Your Bathroom’s CFM Rating

Before you go about installing a new ventilation fan in your bathroom you’ll first have to find out what the CFM rating measurements of your bathroom are. This will help you determine what fan strength is appropriate for your home bathroom.

If you didn’t know, CFM means “Cubic Feet per Meter”. It basically refers to the amount of air the fan can push out per minute. If your bathrooms are small then you’ll need ventilation fans with low CFM ratings.

Larger bathrooms, of course, will need higher CFM ratings. This is where you begin before installing a bathroom ventilation fan.


2. Consider Your Fan’s Sound Rating

The next step would be to figure out your new fan’s sound rating, as we’ve already mentioned, it is measured in sones. The sound rating of a new ventilation fan will measure around 0.5 sones which are relatively quiet to about 6 sones which are considered quite loud.

Some prefer having a quiet ventilation system while others really don’t mind if their fans are loud. It all really depends on what it is you’re looking for as well as what you prefer.

3. Choosing The Fan’s Location

Where you decide to place your fan is very important as well. Normally, its ideal location should be at a center point between your toilet and shower for optimum ventilation. But, if your bathroom happens to be a large one in size then you might have to consider installing more than one ventilation fan.

This is also a vital part if you happen to be considering installing a bathroom ventilation system. Your attic’s layout will also help you figure out where you can place your new fan.


4. Knowing The Required Tools Involved

The management of installing bathroom fan is something you can totally handle and do by yourself. However, you’ll need to know all the tools that are required to make it all work properly. Before you get down and dirty with the installation process, make sure you have all the necessary tools required that’ll allow you to get the job done.



Installing bathroom ventilation fan should really not be that intimidating. Don’t worry yourself too much over it. It’s not rocket science, however, there are a few things you’ll definitely need to know before you can begin.

Hopefully, this article has pushed you in the right direction. So, go get the bathroom’s in your home that bit fresher and cleaner with a new ventilation system.


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