Bathroom Window Ventilation Fans – Get Rid Of Bad Odour And Mold

bathroom window ventilation fans

Bathroom Window Ventilation Fans

Are bathroom ventilation fans worth buying? Have you been asking yourself this question a lot? Let me get everything straight for you. Bathroom ventilation fans are an absolute necessity if you’ve been trying to keep molds, mild dews, and germs at bay.

We don’t have to tell you how important a ventilation system is and why you need to have the best and the most efficient one installed in your bathroom. It is because it mostly remains wetter than any other part of your house. Being wet all the time, it is more prone to getting unwanted germs and molds.

Nobody likes missing their long showers.  And to make sure you don’t have to, make it a point to bring in some highly efficient bathroom window ventilation fans to get rid of humidity and moisture.


Why Humidity And Moisture Are Problematic?

Many of us love having steamy and long showers, the taps are mistakenly left open especially if you have children. And that is where the problem begins because whipping or moping might not be enough for extensive and quicker drying of the bathroom.

Molds and germs do not take long to grow but, once sprouted, are very difficult to eliminate. Their presence is not the end but a beginning to greater troubles. They dislocate or peel off your laminations and wallpapers, leave patches on your tiles, and spread funky and foul smells inviting insects and germs of all kinds.

That’s why it’s so vital to install an efficient exhaust system comprising of one or more bathroom window ventilation fans.

bathroom window ventilation fans


How To Select The Best Bathroom Window Ventilation Fans?

When choosing your bathroom window ventilation fans, some of the few points you need to consider are given below:

  • the size of your bathroom and window;
  • the CFM rating of your fan;
  • the noise level of the fan; and
  • and the humidity level of your bathroom.

There are a lot of options available in the market for you to choose from. Sometimes, variety can itself be a trouble because it makes it difficult for you to decide which one you should or shouldn’t chose. For that, you need to look for fans that are adjustable to the size of the window or ceiling you are considering for installation.

You might also want to choose fans with a high CFM rating because a higher CFM rating ensures a higher airflow. Higher airflows speed up the drying process. An optimum CFM rating for a bathroom containing a window is 50 CFM. However, it is appreciable to look for higher airflow for window-less facilities.

Previously the general rule was the higher the CFM and the heavier the motor the louder the fan will be. But to make it more stylish and adaptable, various companies have incorporated noise-reducing mechanisms into their fans.

For more frequently used bathrooms, you might want to look for a powerful fan. Like for washroom that is common to you and your children you would have to deal with more moisture and spills.



Overall bathroom window ventilation fans are a must to have for the proper exhaust of moisture and to reduce suffocation.  Though it is advised to not let your fun run continuously because that is unnecessary and only adds to your bills.


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