Why Do You Need A Bathroom Vent Fan For Your Home

bathroom ventilation fan

A great way of drawing out unpleasant odors or moisture accumulation in your bathroom is by using a bathroom ventilation fan. The intention is to improve the air quality within the house.

Frequently, the installation of the bathroom ventilation fan will be accompanied by bathroom remodeling. When installing vent fans, you require special building codes that match your fan sizes. Not all buildings have the right building codes so one must check your target area.

For instance, in several communities, bathrooms with operating windows require vent fans. Despite the adjustments required, a vent fan qualifies as a good addition to any bathroom.


What Is The Purpose Of A Bathroom Vent Fan?

Apart from removing odors from your bathroom, the bathroom ventilation fan is to exhaust warm and moist air brought about by showers or bathtubs. Moist air creates a conducive atmosphere for the growth of mold which damages the bathroom fixtures.

A bathroom with no fan will smell funny – that being said, you might as well install one – due to the growth of mold.

In most bathrooms moisture buildups increasing the chances of damaged ceilings, walls, and floors. Always ensure your bathroom is free from the conditions that make it conducive for microorganism growth, mold, and mildew.

When a room is continuously subjected to high levels of moisture interior materials such as wall paint, wallboard, and trim end up as an entry door.


How Do Bathroom Vent Fans Operate?

A vent fan runs on the regular 120-volt electrical current in households. This is the same fixture powering your light fixture. A simple wall switch will power a vent fan – most of which have a timer that allows the fan to run for a given amount of time.

As soon as you turn the fan on, air filters out of the bathroom through the fan enclosure and gets directed into a metal duct or plastic hose. The vent will open on the sidewall or roof openings.

The exit point on the vent protects the louvered cover plates, maintaining a closed duct when out of use.


What Are Your Options?

On retail, there are many styles and designs – each with unique features that make it stand out from the other. There are complimentary ventilation fan models that arrive with heat lamps or other light fixtures.

Among other sophisticated models are Bluetooth capability, speakers, and wireless music streaming through a smartphone, media system, or tablet.

It is important to pay close attention to sound ratings when shopping for bathroom ventilation fan options. At first, this might seem like a minor point, however, loud fans can be quite distracting as you relax in your bathtub. Narrow your search to devices that not exceed the 1.0 sound rating.

HVI certification – Any fan that has been HVI certified is a green light for shoppers. This is proof that the device has met industry standards. Make your choice according to size recommendations and installation ease as highlighted by the HVI certification.



Install your bathroom ventilation fan in an area with the most moisture. When residing in an open bathroom, position your vent fan in between the toilet and the shower. In the case of a small bathroom, a central position will work just fine.


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